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Our Vision: Transforming new (single use) shipping containers into beautiful and extraordinary spaces.  We believe these high strength structures open new possibilities for building nearly anything.  Your new home, office or cabin can delivered to your door with cutting edge results, proving Blackbox to be the coolest solution for your next project.


Your Blackbox: We will provide you with livable, modern and secure spaces that are completely customizable to any design.  We are here to offer a smooth process for whatever your challenge may be and we are dedicated to making your Blackbox purchase an amazing experience.  Each module we construct is built specifically for you.  We have your next amazing space ready to be designed according to your needs and budget. Every Blackbox is an original and livable work of art.


The Visionary: 20 years as a respected Landscape Designer and Stone Mason forged an attitude of expertise and an affinity for innovative design and construction.  Breaking the rules while adhering to principles has established a reputation of excellence in the field.  With unbridled faith in achieving what others see impossible, Shane and his team will help awaken the potential of your project.


Shane Schaaf, Principal & Designer

architecture• cabin• guest house• home• office• safe room • studio

off-grid• garden shed•retreat•wood shop• in-law suite•corten steel

game room• hunting shack •green house• craft room• music studio

apartment •  accessory dwelling unit  • pool house • rooftop terrace

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